Свадьба - Casablanca barefoot sandals

Casablanca barefoot sandals

CASABLANCA in silver a pretty multi chain,vintage look coins and pearl handmade Boho barefoot sandals. What makes these fun barefoot sandals so great for beach weddings, they can accomodate a large range of feet sizes. Wear these lovely delicate silver chain inspired barefoot sandals and tap into your 'Inner Goddess.' These bridal barefoot sandal has an extra long extender which is great for thick ankles and longer feet, for smaller feet all you have to do it shorten the extra chain or clip it off with a utility scissor. These are 2 pairs of barefoot sandals they can be worn together or separate. Fits sizes 7-12, sold in pairs

Источник : http://www.catherinecole.com/products/barefoot-san

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