Свадьба - 出口正品 情侣咖啡搅拌棒,创意回礼WJ041结婚情人礼物 咖啡勺

出口正品 情侣咖啡搅拌棒,创意回礼WJ041结婚情人礼物 咖啡勺

Your guests of all ages will love this practical favor... whether you're serving adult beverages or ice cream floats, these chic stainless steel stirrers do double duty as both a straw and a stirrer. Guests will love the attention to detail, from the slim lines of the metal straw to the elegantly curved, heart-shaped spoon at the base. This keepsake is beautifully presented against a romantic pink, white and black striped base in a clear gift box. Box is wrapped with a black organza ribbon and is enclosed in a sleeve with whimsical heart designs and phrase "Stir Up A Lil' Love".Measures 2" x 7 1/2". Stirrer measures 7 1/2".

Источник : http://world.taobao.com/item/43735369873.htm

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