Свадьба - 欧式婚禮小物TC007高端酒店供应 淑女轰趴单身派对年会晚宴批发

欧式婚禮小物TC007高端酒店供应 淑女轰趴单身派对年会晚宴批发

Sprinkle some mother-and-baby magic at the shower with these precious ceramic bird baby shower favors. You can almost feel the love between them as they're perched on your table. With endearing eyes and a adorable accents on the wings, the yellow beak adds a charming spot of color to these practical salt and pepper shakers. Adding flavor to your shower--and your guests' kitchens--they'll complement just about any kitchen decor. Features and facts:Soft-gray ceramic birds with yellow beaks, brown eyes and charming detail in the wings and tail ;Clear display gift box shows salt-and-pepper shakers peeking above a base depicting a graphic nest with three eggs.Gift box measures approximately 2 3/4" h x 4 1/4" w x 2 1/4" d

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