Свадьба - Wedding Garter with Marabou, Pearls and Rhinestones

Wedding Garter with Marabou, Pearls and Rhinestones

Maribou feathers, pearls and rhinestone wedding garter set! https://www.etsy.com/listing/187316256/wedding-garter-set-keepsake-garter?ga_search_query=marabou&ref=shop_items_search_4 This bridal garter starts with a 1 1/2" Ivory stretch lace. Also available in white, pink (shown) or antique blue stretch lace. A beautiful rhinestone applique filled with high grade clear sparkling stones, beads and pearls sits atop a fluffy dollop of ivory marabou feathers. The toss garter in the same soft stretch lace and an ivory tulle flower with pearls and rhinestones. The lace I use is soft to the eye and soft to the touch and will be very comfortable to wear on your special day. This is another one of my original designs. I made the set with the best quality lace, pearls, rhinestones and flowers.

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