Свадьба - Stone Fox Bride

Stone Fox Bride

I woke up on our 3rd day in Paris to a note telling me I would be going on a scavenger hunt through the city to find him, and asking me to use the GoPro to tape the adventure. My first stop was Laduree Royale- the sales girls were gushing when I got there and told me I would not be disappointed. The next note told me to travel to the Petit Palais, and that my clue would be waiting on the steps. After a few macaroons in a taxi (it was cold!) I arrived and found my cousin who had flown in from Italy waiting on the steps. She took us across the Pont Alexandre III bridge to the metro and would not tell me where we were going- but I had a hunch. Next thing I knew we were getting off at Versailles. After a few wrong turns (and a few curse words), we finally made it out to Marie Antoinette's garden and found him. He proposed under a willow tree on the pond. #stonefoxrings

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bnus66jgvzt

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