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Weddbook ♥ Gasp. I blogged. It's an end of the year recap! Here are my words from the post (you can find the link in my bio): Hi. This is the first time I've ever done a 'Best Of' post. Making this was extremely difficult. I chose photos that were important to me, and not ones that I felt would be perceived best by the public. Putting this together was a bit therapeutic, making me really focus on my work and the growth I've made through the year. I'm happy with where my work is going, and I'm excited to see what I create next year. I've dealt with a lot of personal battles this year, but I think they've only fueled me more. Thank you to every one of you that have inspired me, worked with me, cheered me on, and those of you that have just been a great friend. But my goodness, what the heck would I have done without my husband, Aaron? I take for granted all he does for me. He comes with me on every shoot so that I don't get too anxious, carries all of my gear, makes sure I'm hydrated and that I've eaten, stops and gives me a hug if he thinks I'm getting overwhelmed, reads my mind, and all around makes my life exponentially better. I really can't quite explain how amazing he is. And I don't tell him any of this enough (I love you, ABM). And among all of that, he has his own business of creating timeless and incredible wedding films. Watching him grow both personally and in work has been one of my favorite things. He doesn't hear it enough, but I'm constantly amazed by him. If only you knew how much of me and my work was all thanks to Aaron. I know you came here to view photos, but it's important to emphasize how grateful I am for my husband and all he does for me. So much of everything I do and am, is because of his unfailing support. I appreciate all of you so much, even every one of you reading this- your support means the world to me. Thank you for being such a driving force. Here's to 2017 being the year we grow to everything we want to be and more.

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