Свадьба - Hello May

Hello May

Weddbook ♥ 2016 what can we say... Here in our own little world it's been a super year. We've been chuffed to share some truly down to earth weddings with you, but to also have the opportunity to showcase the work of some talented Aust/NZ vendors whilst we're at it just makes our job cake, so if you're planning a wedding in 2017 stay tuned for more vendor recommendations in the year to come. On a wider world level it's been a crazy one. That orange guy from #HomeAlone2 became POTUS, serious sh*t went down in Syria and we lost a multitude of game changing artists. But then @bettymwhite survived 2016 and @margotrobbie tied the knot with out selling her day to the highest bidder and our faith was restored in humanity. Here's to a love filled 2017 folks.

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/borjcrqda3g

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