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Stone Fox Bride

"While future brides-to-be scroll through Pinterest boards and wedding-dress websites and pack their Saturdays with appointments at chic bridal boutiques full of pink Champagne and roses, their male counterparts can hardly begin to seek out their own personal style without confronting a paucity of less than optimal options. Take my husband, for example: a classic jeans-and-tee guy who spent a half-year good-heartedly listening to me bitch about what wedding dress to buy. In turn, I spent all of a half-hour by his side in a suit store rolling my eyes while he was desperately trying to figure out the difference between a single vs. double-breasted jacket and the anatomy of a lapel buttonhole. Although most men won’t cop to the fact that they hope to channel the style hybrid of Muhammad Ali and Paul Newman circa Cool Hand Luke on their wedding day, your groom most likely does. How then, can a bride help her sartorially askew mate from looking less Ben Stiller in Zoolander and more Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith when saying “I do”? Brice Pattison, fashion director of The Black Tux—an online suit rental service—shares the five things you should never do." Five mistakes your groom should avoid when choosing his wedding suit! My latest story on Vogue.com. @theblacktux #stonetuxguy

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