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Erich McVey

Photographers - Who's ready to join me and @amymcvey for a talk about marketing and branding? We'll be going LIVE in just 30 minutes (9am PST)! In the meantime, you can leave comments here on this post with any questions you have that you'd like us to cover during our talk. Hope to see you there! And remember, my online course is currently 25% off (saving you almost $300) as part of the @ifimade Flash Sale. Use the code #FlashSale at checkout via the link in my profile to take advantage of the discount. #ifimadeweddingphotography #ifimade #erichmcveyworkshop Photo from one of the three behind the scenes instruction videos created specifically for my course. Hair makeup and styling by @lewisandlevy

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bpfzrarjrgd

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