Свадьба - OneFabDay


Just over a week to go and we're up to 90 in OFD HQ - got the printer on 24/7, the inbox is overflowing, confetti, glitter and ribbons are everywhere and the kettle is threatening to go on strike. But it's all in a good cause because next week we're going to be sharing the CHQ with some of Ireland's finest to bring you something truly inspiring. So here's a few of the creatives we're so proud to have joining us... http://onefabday.com/meet-the-glitter-studio-exhibitors/ @paulmcgintyphotography @thecupcakebloke @cherubcouturecakes @bronte_photography @projectpartystore @myrtleivory @castleleslie #wedding #ireland #theglitterstudio #fun #partyparty #timeforsparkles #weddingplanning

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bqjchk4glav

Это ваше или знаете ли вы, кто продает ?

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