Свадьба - Want That Wedding

Want That Wedding

Sea Bride Across the white sand waters meld of teal and turquoise hue, in sunlight, emerald facets, in shadow, grays of blue, first breaking light of heaven, tinted sky in tones of shell, dancing lights, pearl pink and saffron, fleck the bosom of the swell. On waves of crisper coral the majestic sun ship sails, bright bride aflame in glory blushed beneath her misty veils. Such beauty blinds my vision; my gaze is downward drawn to vanilla foam soft swirling in the footprints of the dawn. Copyright © Faye Gibson photographer: @ilaria_petrucciphoto flowers: @luxuryflowersforweddings make up and hair: @lizziemua hair accessory: @donnacrainsurrey dress: @rockthefrockbridal #poetry #lovequotes

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bqzh1qlha-b

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