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Laura Hooper

Happy Friday! For today's #fridayintroductions we thought it was about time Alyssa made an appearance on the feed {she's on the left & I'm Laura, on the right}. We're sisters and together we run Laura Hooper Calligraphy. I've had my business for 15 years now offering wedding calligraphy services, but it was just over three years ago that Alyssa came on full time with LHC. Since then we've expanded into our beginner calligraphy workshops as well as offering our starter kit + video tutorial for at home learning along with all my favorite supplies & tools in our online shop. As everyone who has met us at our workshops knows, I'm pretty shy and more quiet, but Alyssa is quite a bit more comfortable in social settings & chatty. We live on opposite coasts {she's in LA where we are from & I'm here in Virginia working out of our studio}, but we text all day & Skype a fair amount, too, and we get to see each other every few weeks for our calligraphy workshops, which we teach together. Both of us are addicted to coffee, although Alyssa is apparently trying to "cut back" by drinking tea instead some mornings. I do not understand this as I could never give up my love for ☕️. We truly appreciate your support of our small business and of course the overall, ever-growing interest in modern calligraphy. Now that we've shared a bit more about us, we hope you will tell us something about you below! Not sure what to say? You can tell us where you are from, if you are learning the art of calligraphy, a goal you've accomplished in your business recently, or simply just say hello! We'd love to learn more about you. {pic @annekim.photo | lhcalligraphy.com}

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