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As small business owners, we are all hustlers and dreamers, and we're always on the hunt for ways to make our jobs easier. When we set out to make @Matchology, we wanted to create a product that: . . . * Makes our job easier * Makes YOUR job easier * TAKES. LESS. TIME. * Allows all wedding pros to submit * Automates the questionnaires to couples * Streamlines the submission process with one form and one questionnaire * Was AFFORDABLE * Fit into everyone's existing workflow (use your own image galleries!) . . . And trust us when we say that what we have created is pretty darn spectacular. We think you'll think so too. And if you do, join us at our #kickstarter via the #linkinprofile to pledge today and grab #Matchology for only $59/year. (Or check out all of our other amazing rewards including today's special reward of a pack of pins + Matchology!). A huge thank you for those who are already hustling and dreaming with us to make Matchology happen! http://aisle.to/matchologyks

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/brthm5yf1c2

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