Свадьба - Tidewater and Tulle

Tidewater and Tulle

[vienna] After two days of travel and a massive need for sleep, unique loveliness is exactly what you first want to see when you get to your destination! In the heart of the city, our first night is at @grandferdinand, a chic playful showstopper for new modern Viennese elegance outfitted in the former Austrian Secret Service headquarters (total cool factor alert!). And one of our fave spots is their rooftop Grand Étage venue; it is simply breathtaking in view and ambiance! How romantically perfect would this be for a honeymoon breakfast or even an intimate rehearsal dinner for couples tying the knot here?! We are smitten! ❤️[Stay tuned for more Vienna adventures and inspiration!] // #tidewaterandtulleinvienna #tidewaterandtulletravels #presstrip

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/btei60ih4x2

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