Свадьба - Vera Wang

Vera Wang

A tuxedo, more than any other garment a man wears, should reflect the individual. Men's style is dictated by different considerations... tradition, propriety, sensuality, and fashion. I've captured all of that in 1 perfect tuxedo, the #BLACKxVeraWang #tuxedo is well suited for any guy's personal style. MEET THE MODERNIST. Through the eyes of a Modernist, the future is now. Often rigorous or highly exaggerated, it also indicates a style of dress that requires thought, shown through his choice of super-slim tailoring, narrow shirt collar, and skinny tie. Shop BLACK by #VeraWang @menswearhouse and @josabank #wedding #weddingstyle

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/busa4_cgqrf

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