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Wedding Chicks®

WE HAVE THE CUTEST STORY FOR YOU! From the bride: "We eloped due to my husbands career in the navy and him deploying for 7 months. He got back in January and is now leaving again for another long deployment so we finally got some beautiful wedding photos taken since we never had! Our process was much different from others but we're cherishing what we have and how great it is, I feel like our wedding story is special, and so is our love, being that it has been spent mostly apart for the past 4 years. Keeps the fire burning." ••• My heart is literally melting. Love you guys! xoxo - the Wedding Chicks || Photographer is @makenziereesephotography | Hair and makeup: @svglamour | Bride: @jennahutchins | Husband- @jimmylloyd11

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bu5w5v6ldij

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