Свадьба - The Wedding Bazaar

The Wedding Bazaar

Yesterday we wandered around London embracing the sun on our faces and enjoying the buzz of the city on a weekend. We discussed paying borough market a visit for supper but quickly pushed the idea to one side staying in Shoreditch instead. Last night could have played out very differently for us and it hammers home just how real all of this is, the people that died were just getting on with their daily lives just like you and I. They are with me in my thoughts and prayers but I will be dammed if I won't continue to go about my life as I normally would. We must all look out for each other and not be intimidated by these brainwashed cowards. #london #lovelondon #londonunite #staystrong #wewontbeafraid #beautifullondon

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bu6fn_bdhub

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