Свадьба - Ava Maxi Dress ~ Forever Vine

Ava Maxi Dress ~ Forever Vine

Have you always imaged a gaggle of goddesses as your bridal party? Well you can cross that off the to-do list with the Ava Maxi Dress. Plunging neckline is stunning and her draping is angelic. *MADE IN THE GORGE USA* *100% Poly Chiffon *Elastic empire waist *Ties on shoulders to keep straps up *Lined to the ground, no slits *Mumu Bridesmaid dresses are standard 'long' bridesmaid length. They will fit most heights and heels, and are meant to be tailored to any...

Источник : http://www.showmeyourmumu.com/shop/mumu-wedding/av

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