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"I convinced my boyfriend, @not_afraid_of_the_fall, to drop everything and travel the world with me. We quit our jobs and bought one-way tickets to Paris and ended up in Bangkok half a year later with a manuscript in hand. Kyle wrote a book about our adventure to show our grandkids how cool their grandparents used to be. One year later, the very first copy of the published book, Not Afraid of the Fall, arrived on our doorstep without me knowing. He took me to the place of our very first kiss in the Appalachian Mountains and brought out the finished book. He handed it to me as I began crying and told me to read the Dedication section. I read it aloud and as I got to the end I saw 'Will you marry me?' I looked up and there was Kyle, on one knee with a ring. The dedication section of the book about our journey is the proposal. My dreams came true!" [email protected]_explorer #BridesProposals |

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bxgtddoan3j

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