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Kat Williams

WHAT RENOVATING OUR HOUSE HAS TAUGHT ME ABOUT BODY POSITIVITY Who doesn’t like looking at a perfectly designed and furnished home? At the upper end of the spectrum it can literally be looked at as art. But unlike a painting in a gallery, looking at beautiful homes on Instagram (homes fundamentally like yours or mine) while slouching on a slightly past-its-best sofa surrounded by half-finished mugs of tea and dodgy stains on the carpet where the cat was once sick, means we end up playing the comparison game. I soon realised the feelings of ‘comparisonitis’ that I was having was very similar to how the images of women that we’re presented with online and in the media can affect me. While the body positivity movement has been making huge strides in showcasing all kinds of beautiful bodies (I keep seeing amazing examples of model agencies, magazines and businesses who are being more mindful of the body-types they present to the world) it’s very easy to fall into the habit of still fawning over and comparing ourselves to ‘perfect’ bodies when we’re left to our own devices on sites like Instagram, or personal blogs. Read the full post over on the blog (link in profile) #rocknrenovation Photo by @shelldemar

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bys8kp8awpf

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