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Kat Williams

So Brides magazine just asked their followers to submit their "top pre-wedding diet tips" on their Facebook page which, as I'm sure you can imagine, made me madder than my dad that time I didn't come home until 6am (sorry dad). Here's the thing: if you want to lose weight for your wedding (or otherwise) then you don't need wedding magazines to 'motivate' you. Christ knows you can see that shit EVERYWHERE ELSE YOU LOOK. The one thing this world is not lacking is diet culture. It's also noone else's business what you choose to do with your body. Not mine, not your mates and certainly not fucking Brides magazines... I would never tell anyone that they SHOULDN'T lose weight, just as if never in a billion years tell them that they SHOULD! This seemingly innocent question is fucking dangerous, loaded and really irresponsible for the biggest wedding magazine in the UK to be asking. There are some people who can see something like that, not be affected in the slightest and move along with their day. But there are others of us that will read that and instantly feel shit about ourelves. "Should I lose weight for my wedding then?" "Will I be an ugly bride if I don't slim down to a size 0?" "Maybe I should skip dinner later..." Does the media solely cause eating disorders? I don't think so, but it does constantly bombard us with the message that thinner = better, than losing weight = happiness. AND THIS SHIT NEEDS TO STOP.

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