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Revelry Event Designers

Inspired by all things metallic featuring our Tokyo Dining Chair and Tuxedo Accent Chair. “Futureperfect” designed by @kristeenlabrot + @rebellefleurseventdesign for @luxe_linen’s #luxelaunch2017 hosted by @luxe_linen and @raycepr at @vibianaevents. Photography: @dukeimages / Venue, Food and Beverage: @vibianaevents @nealfraser / Rentals: @revelryleighc with @revelryeventdesign @partypleasers / Lighting: @highvoltagelighting / Paper Goods: @jasminmichelledesigns / Dress designer: @madeleinefig / Model: @alexessoe / Hair and Makeup: @face_it_sugar

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bakd8tgdy9q

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