Свадьба - Hello May

Hello May

Our mates from @bowandarbour have come up with something pretty darn special if you ask us - Wedding Zines! It's not quite a traditional album but it's not quite a magazine either - rather 200 beautifully designed pages showcasing nothing but your wedding photos. But the best bit - you can get 5 to 10 copies for the same price as a single traditional album. Yep that's a copy each for mum and dad, the in-laws, your grandparents, your fave Aunty and then some! Pin this photo pronto and when you're ready USE THE CODE HELLOMAY10 TO SCORE 10% OFF!

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bbbc180j0do

Это ваше или знаете ли вы, кто продает ?

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