Свадьба - WHITE


Coming in hot at #13 of our most viewed weddings of 2017 is Emily + Dan’s Gold Coast wedding! It took place at the stunning Warehouse No.5, located only moments away from Burleigh Heads Beach. It was a gorgeous celebration of never-failing love and friendship, incorporating some of the happy couple’s favourite things, including lots of music and smashed avo on toast! To see it, head to our feed, hit our 'Top of 2017' story highlights and swipe up! Photography: @sarakbyrne / Venue: @warehouseno5 / Styling: @arcticfoxhire / Florals: @theborrowednursery / Make Up: @umkait / Dress: @darbbridal / Crown: @kwhbridal

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bdogbzznerh

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