Свадьба - Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Tap our account for full view of the Vera Wang 1991 Bridal Collection Campaign. In the early 90’s, brides, even the most fashion forward, had such limited choices for their wedding dress. #Brides were stuck with combinations of “leg of mutton sleeves” Alençon lace bodices with dupioni silk skirts, #lace gauntlets, and cupcake skirts. In other words, little imagination, no sensuality, and nothing to do with fashion. Then along came Vera.... Vera provided brides designs with a sense of youth and individuality. Wedding dresses which were traditional enough for their families; Sensual enough to impress their husband to be; Fashion enough to suit their individual style; and timeless enough for a look that they would remember for a lifetime. As we prepare to unveil the #VeraWang Spring 2019 Bridal Collection, we’re taking a look back at the heritage of the #VeraWangBride

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bht8z7pa1kw

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