Свадьба - Brides Up North®

Brides Up North®

Its your turn #CHESHIRE! The #wedfesttour18 continues in EPIC style Sunday 20th May 2017 at @capesthorne_hall for our sensational #WEDSTIVAL18 event! There’ll be 60++ of Cheshire’s finest suppliers on display in more tents and tipis than ever before - all different styles and sizes on show! Add to that the usual dose of yummy street food, Pimms and prosecco, live bands and general giddiness and we have one cracking day in store #bestyet! FREE ENTRY, 11am til 3pm, register now via link in profile or our VIP stories. Just be there! @shades_canvas @totemtipi1 @poshfrocksandwellies @unveiledmag #bridesupnorth

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/biguuvth5bx

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