Свадьба - Hello May

Hello May

Well this was basically the most delicious dessert we've ever eaten in our lives - cementing @threeblueducks in Byron Bay as our fave North Coast wedding venue (according to our hearts and stomachs that is). Search 'Three Blue Ducks' on our brand spanking new website to check out real weddings and events held at their beautiful properties, including the launch of our fourth annual Real Wedding Special. Photo by @jannekestorm . #dessert #weddingcake #byronbayweddingvenue #weddingvenue #byronbaywedding #icecream #blueberries #itsbasicallyasalad

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bi1v1jfdq77

Это ваше или знаете ли вы, кто продает ?

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