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Laura Hooper

We’ve had a lot of activity in the @foxhillgarden this week! Today a new birch tree was planted, so I worked from home {always a treat!} to be there for that. The garden is currently in a transitional phase, between the first flush of roses and getting ready for a second one, but I’m reminiscing on these peonies from just a month ago. - Running a business is kind of like the garden. We plant the foundation, continually maintain, enjoy periods of flourish, but also need time to recover occasionally. We can’t give 110% all the time. It’s vital for continued growth to take some downtime to rest & recover when needed. My vacation next week {just my husband & me!} is coming at just the right time

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bj-rzf8jc7h

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