Свадьба - Jay Cassario

Jay Cassario

It’s one day. It goes by faster than you can ever imagine. I always ask my clients to take some time to simply slow things down and take it all in. A lot of photographers don’t like shots like these, they absolutely hate them. The environmental shots where the couple is small in a big scene. The “tiny people big scene” shots. Twisted Oaks clients love these shots, if they didn’t, I wouldn’t take them. Why do they love them so much if they can’t even see that it’s them? They know it’s them, and this photo will remind them each and every time they look at it how they were feeling at this very moment. When they took a few minutes to slow things down. How the air smelled, the love they were feeling, the way their hands felt together... It’s because of those feelings that they love these photos and why I love taking them. #twistedoaksweddings #tinypeopleinbigplaces #leicacamerausa

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/blnqurknosn

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