Свадьба - Stone Fox Bride

Stone Fox Bride

I met him once through a friend at a bar Feb 2015 and told him to move to Israel for his ex-gf he was still in love with. Then July 2016, on a whim I jumped on a flight from a partying vacation in Mykonos to meet a girlfriend in Capri for some downtime, we were walking up the street to dinner and saw him and his family having a drink. I remembered him and said hi but he didn’t recognize me. After confirming through our mutual friend it was him I sent him a text and he asked me to meet him for a drink after dinner. He kissed me that night in a drunken italian basement bar and have been together since. We are obsessed with Friends and he proposed to me at home surrounded by votive candles like Monica and Chandler. #stonefoxrings

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bl8ycjnf8tw

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