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Revelry Event Designers

All set and ready to party - this detailed event included custom carpeting, three-dimensional signage and a golden stage for the performance. We mixed our Buenos Aires Barstools and Prague Stand-up Table with our Deco Communal Table to provide guests with a fun seating option. To complete the look we added lounge seating on both sides of the space to ensure every guest had front row advantage. || Planner: @mindywiess | Rentals/Design: @revelryeventdesign @revelryleighc | Florals: @marksgarden | Lighting: @images_lighting | Projection and Audio: @davemeek | Entertainment @seal @maroon5 @elanartists | Venue: @redrockcasino

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bnhlrxhgajo

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