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Laura Hooper

The secret to better calligraphy skills? Dedicated practice! That’s right...the number one way to improve most quickly with this art is practice. Sometimes the hardest part is knowing what to practice & also holding yourself accountable. That’s why we are offering a FREE 5 day practice challenge to support you through some dedicated drill practice with over a thousand other calligraphers at all levels! - We’ll provide the drills & daily instructions & motivation, you show up & stick with it & see improvements in your skills in just 5 days. - Get the full details & register for FREE via the link in my profile, but don’t delay...enrollment closes tomorrow, Friday, September 14. - Tag your calligrafriends below, so they don’t miss out. This is the last time we’re running this free challenge in 2018!! {all tools shown available in the LHC shop at lhcalligraphy.com/shop}

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bnqsltun8yt

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