Свадьба - Abby Jiu

Abby Jiu

"I always knew that, for me, planning a wedding would be challenging because of my blended family and [being] raised by a dad and a stepdad and a mom who were instrumental in creating this magical person you see before you now. I had to pay homage to all of them" - @candeegal09 To see how Candiace paid homage to her blended family, see more on @brides today! @strawberrymilkeevnts @strawberrymilk_anna @flowerboy38 @socialsupplyevents @spilledmilkdc @atmolighting @mellonauditorium_eventemissary @wethefix @lhcalligraphy @thedandelionpatch @bttrcrmbakeshop @tablemannersdc @accenteventrentals @dcreventrentals @melissamangrumco @regallimodc @lisaziesing @plumephoto

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bor1hn6bou0

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