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Stone Fox Bride

The other day I pulled out my engagement ring to show my daughters. It's actually NOT is the ring that my ex-husband proposed with — it's an emerald I inherited from my Nana when she died that Caitlin @mociun set for me a few years back. I think it's one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I've ever seen. I haven't worn it since M. moved out of the house in May 2017, but on Sunday I put it back on for a few hours. For the past seventeen months, I've been living on my own and it has NOT been amazing. Dating, single motherhood, a whole new financial system — this wasn't part of my ten year plan when Mr. M and I pledged together forever not that long ago. — but here I am, getting sorted, day by day, and it's okay. The transition is totally awkward, though. One day I had a husband and cute life and the next I was wandering the woods solo no road map, missing the security of being married (and my dad who died last winter). Loss is no joke and grief is a ridiculously cute little word for what feels like an massive alien monster attacking you from the inside at all times. Anyway, back to the ring. I know this feed used to be mainly shiny bling and wedding dresses and proposal stories and recently it's become something different and I wanted to thank you all of you for staying the course throughout it all. SFB is in an interesting transition right now, and as a result, I'm cooking up a little 2.0 for those of us who us interested in exploring what happens when the shiny stuff starts to get a little dull and dusty. A little more Dirt and a little less Diamonds, shall we say. Stand by..... the next phase of Foxlandia might not be be as blingy, but it's gonna dazzle. Promise. xx #stonefoxride

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