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elizabeth messina

I’m not sure how to share this but I suffered a freak accident & severely broke my leg - its broken in several places & some bones were shattered - I will be having my 1st surgery on Wednesday - the reality of this catastrophic injury has not fully sunk in - I’m sharing for a few reasons - first this is so real & raw, I cannot keep it to myself - also I may be quiet on & off, and hard to reach, as I’m in terrible pain & have to focus on healing - I know many of you are dealing with struggles & challenges in your lives - my heart is with you - unexpected injury is so humbling - I am blessed with a loving family & talented doctors taking care of me - if you have any healing suggestions I’d be so grateful if you’d share - also any tips for dealing with day to day life with this type of injury, I’d also appreciate - I will share updates on my recovery in my stories - thank you to all my kind friends who’ve been reaching out & offering love & support - I’m pretty overwhelmed & I’ve been shedding a lot of tears but, amidst the sadness is this lovely silver lining, my darling Luna has not left my side - blessings

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