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Laura Hooper

It's been a happy holiday zone in the studio this week getting your ornament & décor orders shipped! We are down to less than 50 of the new glass ornaments remaining, so if you are eyeing these in grey, mint, navy or teal, be sure to place those orders ASAP! If you're looking for a white ornament, we still have the matte white option & the votive houses we have just 2 remaining [update: votive houses sold out!]. - Click the link in my profile to shop the full customizable holiday collection and remember that all orders with 2+ items will be bumped up to priority mail. - P.S. if you're waiting for your order tracking {for holiday OR calligraphy supplies}, remember that USPS is closed today, so those won't come out until tomorrow when your orders pop into their system!

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/brbr5bunsfs

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