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***Inspired Engagement*** " Like any good ol' fashioned romance, it started with us both swiping right. I made a really bad pun - one of those ones that almost doesn't make sense, and lingers for a while. We went on a date and Maryam had me captivated with her storytelling abilities and her smile, and the night just flew by. We went on a few more dates, and before we knew it we were spending all our free time together and falling in love." . We DO love a sweet as pie engagement story and we're thrilled to kick off a year of engagement love with this country session captured by @goldandgrit today. head to the link in our bo- plenty more where this came from! x Ms Polka . . . . . . #polkadotbride #feelgoodweddings #engaged #imengaged #proposal #engagement #engagementphoto #engagementphotography #australianengagement #weddingblog #aislesocietyblogger

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/bshn0hhd9zj

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