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jacin fitzgerald events

anyone else watch the #FyreFestival documentaries and have absolute anxiety? having just completed a 4-day, multiple event wedding weekend this past December in the #Bahamas (on a 3-mile x 1/2-mile island no less) and knowing the logistics (and teamwork, and boats, and golf carts, and charter planes, and customs, and...) that went into our efforts alone, birdbox had nothing on Fyre for this planner (no, seriously)! anywho - this shot of the venue reveal for this non-Fyre fest makes my heart happy. the venue reveal is our moment to show our sweet clients the final product after months and months of planning and preparation, and it’s pretty magical - even without shoes. can’t wait to share more from m+m’s #HarbourIsland wedding very soon ✨.

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/btgcmxfbfsv

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