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LUCIA / Utterly Engaged

Guilty. I’ve been keeping a secret from you! And the anticipation is too much. Over the last while, I’ve been thinking a lot about what would it looked like if you had no fear of the future. What could I give you so that you feel more confident, help you put a stake into the ground and claim your greatness. I recently was talking to a dear friend of mine that was going through her struggles of rejecting her body, her beauty, her incredible art and talents. I asked her why, she said she didn’t want offend anyone. She would rather hide. The lies she’s told herself has affected her personal and business. The further we talked she reveals to me she’s been rejected so many before so she would do everything to please others so she can feel loved. I stopped her, held her hand, looked directly at her and said, “Sis, I love you right now. In this moment. In your brokenness. I want you to know I’m not going to give up on because I see a bright and beautiful path that is already prepared for you. Step into it. No one is going to hurt you.” When it comes down to it we all want to feel secured that we will loved for who we are. If I can reach through this screen, hold your hand and give you the permission to show up in your messiness I would. “People might quit on you. You gotta get up everyday and make sure you never give up on yourself.” I can’t tell you everything yet...but the collection that I’m launching on Monday with @pldc_xp is all about this conversation and more. I can tell you one thing: our collection is going to cloth you with love, truth and purpose. Our why is help you take off your old mindset and put on the new. With the sound on

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