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Revelry Event Designers

Sweet Setting for a shop of Champagne.  Our one of a kind Jones Inverted Sofa from our Garden Collection.  For the  @VeuveClicquot Rose garden we customized it with the softest pink, created a matching cushion and topped it off with bright Veuve branded pillows. ​. ​. ​ ​Quite a look!  Can't wait to read your comments below. ​. ​. ​ ​We love how the Veuve Polo Match patrons used the design as another photo opportunity! Scroll left! ​. ​. ​ ​Thank you @OverlandEntertainment for inviting us to work on your team! We are truly honored each year! ​ ​

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b2dfrb4avgs

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