Свадьба - Sara Russell

Sara Russell

SEPT INSTAZINE : GOLDEN HOUR 4/9 Sheer - would you?? We’re seeing more and more sheerness in the bridal fashion world (and we’re excited to see what #NYBFW brings next month!) and we’re not suggesting you go *this* sheer but will you incorporate sheer elements into your wedding dress design? This gown by @emilyriggsofficial styled by @stay__co and photographed by @emily_michelson is an all-time fave of ours… p.s. Not sure what an Insta-zine is? It’s our monthly online release of 9 posts in one hit in the style of a mini-magazine! Enjoy! #weddingdress #sheerweddingdress #weddingsparrow #bareprocess

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b2ucwq9hubo

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