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Revelry Event Designers

We know how much our community loves WHITE Weddings and we are so excited to share this one with you over the next few days. ​ ​The Venue Pelican Hill was TRANSFORMED with soft chiffon drapery and white carpet ( such a luxury) ​ Our mirror top tables, custom chairs and gorgeous blooms from Nisie makes this extra special!! ​ The Team: ​ ​@nisiesenchanted @matiasdoorn @revelryeventdesign @wileyvalentine @thenamelessproductions @the_grovers @pelicanhillweddings #aboutdetailsdetails  #pelicanhillwedding ​ ​Planning, Production Design: @detailsjeannie Floral and Design: ​@nisiesenchanted ​ ​Furnishings and Design: @matiasdoorn  for @revelryeventdesign Guest Seating: @ChameleonChairCollection #instawedding #weddinginspo #weddingdetails #regram #design #weddings ​ ​​Luxury wedding/event paper branding: @wileyvalentine ​​Lighting: @thenamelessproductions ​​Photography: @the_grovers ​Venue: @pelicanhillweddings ​​@em.kunnel @monicafurman4

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b2kkegxgfne

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