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Citlalli Rico

This has been my home for over 28 years. The color of our Caribbean never cease to amaze me. I’ve seen small and big changes that have broken my heart. Everything has drastically changed the past few years and it is an important wake up call for all of us who live in a destination. As human beings in general: WE NEED TO START CARING ABOUT OUR PLANET. Let’s pay attention to the destination recommendations, many venues will provide you with a list of things you can do to help the area to be eco-friendly as much as possible. We all can help if become aware of the environment and that we are all connected to nature. We have the second largest coral reef in the world (after the Australian one) and there is a plan of building a big cruise Port in Puerto Morelos. The Cruise ships traffic will kill what is left from the reef. We definitely don’t need another Cruise Port in the area. #savethereef . . . #caribbean #climatechange #letschangetheworld #globalwarming #beaware #bekindtoearth #cancun #puertomorelos #tulum

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b28l7oebbuj

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