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Don’t mind me - just doing one of those big grid thingys (what’s it called?!)! The suppliers I have in my directory are hands down not only the most talented people but also the LOVELIEST. There are some BIG changes coming to @wayoutwedding this time next year, which I’ve shared with them (and will do with you too soon - all good stuff, just things will be a bit quieter and fitting with my life!) and they’ve all been so incredibly supportive with messages and love and ‘you got this’ vibes. You 100% would thank your lucky stars to have them on your team when it comes to your wedding. They all really CARE and that’s huge when it comes to making your day special as well as stylish AF. I’ll be showcasing the lot of these absolute superstars on the grid and stories so hang on to your hats. And get your wedding planning lists out because you’ll be adding these fabulous people as the ones to book ASAP!!

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b3fit_kbqer

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