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Happy Bank Holiday Monday or non-Bank Holiday Monday to you! We’ve got a delightful new episode of the podcast for you today, if we do say so ourselves! This week, we’re chatting to fashion editor and all-round style icon @gracie_cahill about how she’s planning her wedding to hubs-to-be Adam while pregnant! We’re talking wedding dress shopping with a bump, reigning in the budget, and we’ve also got lots of great tips for any of you who aren’t pregnant but will have pregnant guests in attendance. This is such a feelgood episode, one that brings it back to what a wedding is all about, so we hope you enjoy! @claireshares @_celinamurphy https://www.onefabday.com/ie/wedding-planning-while-pregnant-tips-one-fab-day-wedding-podcast/

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b4kbmdhff1b

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