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Revelry Event Designers

At this mitzvah it was all about the VIP table! ​ ​The pampas grass centerpieces mixed with driftwood and blush colored flowers were constructed above the line of sight and created a stunning focal point in the room. ​ ​Our natural wood shanghai chairs served as the perfect design element for guest seating. ​ Additional seating used custom covered ottomans and our bohemian lounge seating. ​ ​Thoughts?​ ​ ​The Team: ​| Floral Design: @theemptyvase ​| Planning: @sacks_productions ​| Rentals: @revelryleighc for @revelryeventdesign ​| Lighting: @images_lighting ​| Photography: @sherylwachtel ​​ ​| Our Muse: @lylayari @leahyari

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b5jfd9vgjho

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