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Revelry Event Designers

We had the honor of working with Sharon and the @Sacks_Productions Team on the loveliest Bat Mitzvah this year. ​ Starting off the promo with the great shot of her photo booth that included the cutest pink scooter, a gorgeous floral tree (Empty Vase is famous for their floral sculptures), and a crisp green hedge backdrop. ​ ​Such a fun idea for a Mitzvah... Looking forward to your comments. ​ Hope you are following the team: ​​​| Planning: @sacks_productions ​| Floral Design: @theemptyvase ​| Rentals: @revelryleighc for @revelryeventdesign ​| Lighting: @images_lighting ​| Photography: @sherylwachtel ​​ ​| Our Muse:  Sharon and @lylayari @leahyari

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b5buz6jg6q-

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