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Laura Hooper

Last chance to save up to 30% off calligraphy supplies and holiday goods...sale ends TODAY!! - If you’ve been wanting to give calligraphy a try, today is your last chance to grab our starter kit + video tutorial for over $40 off. Our signature kit includes tools curated to work well together, so even if you’ve tried pointed-pen on your own without success, we encourage you to not give up on the art quite yet! Not all tools work together, and we also include detailed, down-to-earth instructions on how to actually get them to work correctly for you. High quality tools truly make a difference in your work overall. - Our kid’s calligraphy kit, all inks, nibs, pen holders & other video tutorials are also 30% off & the full holiday collection is on sale, too. - Head to LHCalligraphy.com/supplies {or via the link in my profile} to take advantage of the sale pricing...it disappears tonight!! And yes, we ship worldwide! #lhcvideos

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b5kevomjpgt

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