Свадьба - Corbin Gurkin

Corbin Gurkin

This is 3. My bright star won’t likely remember this day… He’s too little and for him we’re just spending a lot of time at home lately and he feels safe and albeit a little bit cooped up but we are working in the garden and he likes to go on walks in the woods. But his dad and I won’t likely ever forget this birthday. The year when the world had to distance itself to get closer together. Things just feel a little bit different now. I feel a little bit different. But the end goal remains the same. Do everything I can, so that he doesn’t have to remember these harder moments and so that he can always look towards the light. Happy happy birthday to my sweet delicious towheaded angel baby Emerson - you are my favorite thing. ⭐️

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b-dkxkkjmy5

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