Свадьба - Hello May

Hello May

REAL ELOPEMENT // My what a few weeks its been, guys. Which is why we feel it's so damn important to share Ashlee and Elliot's romantic Tassie wedding with you on the blog today. Just the two of them, their celebrant and their photographer (aka: @jon.gazzignato who's blown us away, yet again, with his beautiful images) were in attendance and oh man, is this day a tear jerker! Click the link in our profile (and select 'Real Weddings' from the dropdown menu, to soak up all the warm feels. #tassiewedding #tassieweddingphotographer #tassiebride #tasmanianweddingphotographer #elopement #realelopement #letsrunawaytogether #elope #loveisnotcancelled

Источник : https://www.instagram.com/p/b-vi8fygtpq

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